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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Add Ecoupons to your Loyalty Cards - CVS, Bilo, Harris Teeter, SafeWay, and many more...

When you sign up for Upromise you can add up to 5o$ a month in electric coupons to your loyalty cards. All you do is sign up for Upromise, register all of your cards, select the ecoupons you want, then you use your cards. Those coupons will be attached to ALL of your loyalty cards until they expire or you use them. It is free! Plus you get savings for student loans or college for your kids or grand-kids!!!

Upromise_Turn Little Dreams Into Big Realities

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upromise Quick Overview

If you shop online or anywhere that has a loyalty card, store discount card or a membership card, or even if you eat out, chances are you are missing out on free money for college. Upromise - is a card that you swipe before you purchase groceries and other items at participating stores, dealers, and restaurants. Upromise sets up an account for you or who ever you appoint so that each time you shop and use the card something goes towards that account. Best of all it is free!!! Check out the link below to learn more and sign up. You can put in your zip-code and Upromise will show the participating stores in your area.
Upromise has many other features and deals as well so take time to explore the site. If you go to the ways to earn tab you will get a quick overview... but here is an even quicker overview.

Now you can get money back for college from the things you do all the time.

Online Shopping
Get 1-25% back from 750+ participating online stores. Plus, enjoy coupons, great offers and free shipping deals.

High-Yield Savings Account
10% annual match on Upromise earnings*
No minimum balance
No monthly fees

Get up to 8% back on your total bill
(including tax & tip) as a Preferred Diner at over 8,500 participating Upromise Dining by Rewards Network™ restaurants.

Get our free online savings reminder, TurboSaver. It alerts you to special deals and college savings opportunities when you're shopping online.

Family & Friends
Your family and friends can join Upromise and have their college savings automatically allocated to your account.

eCoupons & Grocery
Register your store cards to be eligible for up to $30/month in eCoupons offers, plus get money back on everyday items.

You can earn money for college expenses by getting an insurance quote, a line of credit, a mortgage, an auto loan and more.

Enjoy great travel deals in addition to money back when you purchase airfare, cruises, lodging, car rentals and more.

Get money for college when you buy or sell your home (up to $3,000) or buy appliances, electronics and other home items and services.

Get nearly $5,000 off MSRP.** Plus, get money back on insurance, financing, car rentals, etc.

Sign up here
Turn Your Everyday Spending into College Savings!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Basics of Couponing

Look for sales! Find the stores in your area that offer double coupons and will except competitor coupons. Then you want to get familiar with theses stores. Look for sales that are at least 40% off. Buy One Get One is a half off sale. BOGO is awesome! You get half off (or one free) plus you can use coupons for each item. As long as you are getting 40% or more off in a sale then couponing can be optimized.

Look for Coupons! There are three types of coupons. The three types of coupons you will need to look for are Manufactures, Store, and Competitors. Manufactures coupons are just like money to the store. The company that makes the product will pay the store for those coupons.  Store coupons are coupons that each store puts out in addition to the sales they run. Competitor coupons are the ones that  each stores competitors put out. For everything you buy from now on you will want to have at least 2 of the three. Believe it or not some stores like BILO will take all three!!! The best places to look for coupons are in the news paper, at each store you visit, and printable coupons like the ones above on this page.

Stack Your coupons! Stacking means you want to use as many coupons as you can per each item. If you find a 40% off or more sale at a store that doubles coupons and takes competitor coupons and you have store coupons along with manufacture coupons you have hit the jackpot. A more practical scenario is 40% off + double coupons +  Store/competitor Coupons + manufactures coupons  = some where between 50% and 90% off total purchase... How awesome!